Meet Cedar Belle- Northern VA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Being one of my dearest and closest friends for the past 8 years (whoa!) I’ve forced Katie in front of my camera lens multiple times over the years. Way back when I was first starting out and I asked her to pose for me so I could practice before another portrait session, to last year when I made her schlep her wedding dress all around Italy, she has always been such a good sport and willing participant in my photographic ideas. (you can go back and see Katie and Phil’s engagement session, wedding part 1, wedding part 2, and Italy bridal portraits part 1 and part 2!) I can honestly say that every time she steps in front of my camera, it always results in some of my all time favorite images. but as crazy as I am about all of the sessions and photos I’ve taken of her and her family in the past, I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how much my heart would overflow over THESE images.

Back around Easter Katie and I were having lunch and she casually says, “so, I think I have a new client for you.” Now Katie is wonderful and is constantly telling people about my business, so it wasn’t that out of the ordinary… until she pulled out her phone and showed me a sonogram photo. With tears in my eyes I about jumped up out of my seat! a baby! I knew this was an answered prayer in SO many different ways, and one week ago today, the Lord fulfilled His promise and gifted Phil and Katie with one of His most precious girls, Cedar Belle Covert.

I was counting down until I got to meet sweet Cedar and hug my friend, and on Monday morning I showed up with camera in hand for Cedar’s first (of many) official portrait session. I don’t think there’s anything that can prepare you for the JOY that comes with seeing your friends enter into this new phase of life. I said this about Katie on her wedding day too, but I’ve truly never seen her so joyful as she did laying there snuggling with her husband and daughter. Cedar so perfectly completes their little family, and Phil and Katie are so comfortable with her already, like she’s been here for months already. Katie has loved and cared for lots of little ones over the years, but seeing Cedar in her arms was SO different than ever before. She’s theirs, and already she is bringing out the very best parts of Phil and Katie. I can only imagine how that will grow. Praise the Lord!

We opted for more of a ‘lifestyle’ approach to their first official family portrait session, and I could not be any more excited about the results. These are real moments. They will be able to share these with Cedar one day and she will be able to see how smitten they are with her right from day one. This is their family. Adoring their daughter, and each other in a brand new way that’s deeper than before. I’m so happy to formally introduce you all to sweet Cedar Belle :)
i love how it looks like Cedar is smiling in the one on the right :) oh hey, mama! Cedar was pretty much wide awake for our entire session showing off her pretty blue eyes :)Phil is absolutely amazing with Cedar. Katie even said that throughout the whole delivery process that Phil was the champ and the reason why everything went so smoothly. While I’m sure thats true, I do think that Katie had a liiiittle something to do with it too ;) Regardless, I don’t think his girls could love him any more than they do.
this series is my favorite from their session. I LOVE these ones of the three of them snuggled in bed. I pray you guys are able to spend a lot of quiet time together like this over the next few months:i love everything about this next one :)
how fun is that sign that Katie made for above their couch?! She is so crafty and has made lots of projects like that for different people. She’s super talented! not only at things like that, but she’s one of my favorite writers too. If you haven’t already, go grab a cup of coffee and take some time to peruse her blog when you have a few minutes. Cedar’s little lambie/pacifier made an appearance throughout the session, but like we said this was more of a ‘lifestyle’ session, and Lambie is definitely a part of their daily life right now! They said that Cedar likes to cuddle with Lambie, like she’s doing in these photos with her arms wrapped around it! So cute! :) We decided to be brave and brought Memphis and Mercy in for a few photos. Apparently they aren’t too interested in Cedar right now, but they were willing to come join us since a treat was involved! :) another favorite :)Katie did such a gorgeous job decorating Cedar’s room, so I wanted to show it off a little bit in some of the photos :) how precious is that tutu mobile that Katie made?! love these next two: Katie has always been one of the strongest women that I know, but this pregnancy brought that to a whole new level. It wasn’t the easiest pregnancy to say the least, but I was daily blown away by her positive attitude and calm spirit every single time I talked to her. She put Cedar’s health above EVERYTHING, even when others might have encouraged her to think more of herself and her own comfort. Katie, you truly amaze me, and I’m so encouraged and inspired by the strength you showed and all of the ways that you relied on the Lord in a new capacity over the past 9 months. You, my friend, are so beautiful. :)
In Katie’s sonogram photos Cedar had her hand up in front of her face there too. Apparently even now she still constantly has to have her hands up next to her face! Katie showed me the sonogram photos and said her first thought was that Cedar was already camera shy and that I’d have to work on that with her. I said “oh don’t worry I will! although you have a shy side of you too and YOU light up in front of my camera, so i’m sure she will be just like her mama” :) love this sweet family :)i love how she fits so perfectly in his arms: Katie’s grandmother gave her this old church pew, and Phil’s grandmother made this blanket for Cedar, and I love that we were able to work both of them into her photos! I can’t even handle how beautiful this girl is. She’s absolutely perfect :) I can only imagine what its like to watch your husband become a father for the first time, but the way that Katie looks at Phil speaks volumes. He’s her rock, and he loves her SO well, and now to see him care for Cedar too brings it to a whole new level. that shot on the right is another favorite of mine :) sweet baby: train up a child in the way she should go, and when she is older she will not depart from it… Phil is teaching his girl right from the very first day :)
so SO much love for you three. thanks for letting me be a part of your lives and letting me into your world :) Happy Wednesday!

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  4. Katie says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Sweet Friend.

  5. Ant Lis says:

    Sooooo pretty! Lovely name for this little girl!

  6. Sabrina says:

    Wow this is the Katie from my wedding in Mexico, right? You and Phil are on the same baby schedule as my husband and I. Absolutely gorgeous baby and photos. I especially love the Redskins gear! I didn’t know what day it was until my baby was 5 weeks old…hope you enjoy it.

  7. mom says:

    I love seeing this happy family! Beautiful girl! Well done Katie!!! Congratulations to you and Phil – and Jessie these are fabulous pictures!

  8. evelyn says:

    I love love love love these! Katie and her family are so beautiful! so happy for them. and can I just add that I LOVE the name Cedar!!!

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