Meet Annie- Alexandria VA Baby Photographer

I’ve said it before that that point between 6-9 months is by far my favorite to photograph, and after this post you will most certainly understand why! Annie is such a doll, so sweet and smiley! At this age they are fascinated with everything, and anything they can get their hands on goes right into their mouth… including toes! :) We spent the morning walking around the beautiful River Farms in Alexandria before heading back to their home for some more ‘lifestyle’ portraits. Annie was such a trooper, even when I left she was still ALL smiles and so happy, even though it was way past her nap time. Justin and Alisa, thanks for letting me spend the morning with your family, and for trusting me with your first officially family portrait session! :) Hope to see you guys again soon!

I love that Annie had her little bare toes hanging out for the session :) How sweet is this?! Every time Justin would bring her down towards him she would reach her little hands out to grab his face with a big smile :) Alisa mentioned how she is always the photographer of their family, so we wanted to make sure that we got lots of great pictures of her with Annie since she’s usually the one behind the camera :) Step One: slobber on fingers til they’re niiiice and soaked. Step Two: surprise daddy and wipe said slobber all over his face! Step Three: tell mama how funny it was! Step Four: smile for the camera and celebrate the successful sneak attack :)
just a little girl talk… Annie has a LOT to say :) this was the first time she had ever been up on Justin’s shoulders, it took her about 10 seconds to realize it was pretty fun up there :) so funny to me how confused she looks in this first one :) and then she was all smiles :) one of my favorites from their session: love her expression in this next one: she’s a girl on the go these days! then we headed back to their house for a few more photos: this was my favorite moment during my time with them. Annie loves ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ and they go through all of the animal noises with her on each page. Every time they would turn the page to a new animal she would get the biggest smile and start kicking her happy little feet :) SO cute! Alisa’s one request was a shot of Annie chewing on her toes… mission accomplished! :)  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love!! One day I am praying you can photograph our family. You’re amazing!

  2. Lisa says:

    Aww! This is one cute, funny, happy little girl! Beautiful pictures, Jessie.

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