Meet Payton- Loudoun County Family Photographer

Last week I got to spend the morning at one of my favorite places, Great Country Farms, with Payton and her family! Safe to say, Payton LOVED this place! I’d forgotten just how much there was for kids to do there, every few steps there was something new for her to see or play with. Whether it was a swing set, a giant trampoline, or the animals she got to pet, she was a very happy girl! I think her dog Francis liked it just as much, they even had an off leash dog park area for him! When Leigh first emailed me, she explained how she wanted to make sure that Francis was a big part of their session. He’s 13.5 years old, and has been her best buddy for many many years, and she really wanted to get some great shots with him. I knew GCF would be a great place since they happily welcome pets. If you’re looking for a fun morning/afternoon adventure for your family, this is the place! :) Mark and Leigh, thanks for coming all the way out here to meet up with me! Happy viewing, friends! :) a girl and her pup :) love how Payton is looking at her daddy in this next one :) I could tell just by her emails how much Francis means to Leigh, so we made sure to get lots of the two of them together too. my favorite portrait of Payton from the day! Love those long eye lashes and sweet little grin: she was a girl on the GO! I think she ran the entire time we were there! love the fun smiles that always come from this little swing game :) another favorite :) they had a few little sunflowers left that were just Payton’s size! Happy Wednesday!

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