Meet Taft Robert- Alexandria VA Newborn Photographer

I’m so excited to introduce you to this sweet family today! From the moment I walked in the door I was smitten with four year old Karly, and how proud she was to introduce me to her new baby brother Taft. She was so patient and sweet with Taft, I can tell she’s already that she’s going to be the best little helper. Kristin said in one of her first emails after Taft was born that he just so perfectly completes their family; he was the little brother they never knew they had been missing until he showed up, and she was so right! Taft has the sweetest spirit just like his big sister and does seem like the perfect addition to their beautiful family. Kristin and Robert, thank you so much for sharing your kids with me for the morning and inviting me into your home! I was so impressed with your kind hearted little girl, and I know Taft is going to be just the same! Enjoy this sweet season for your family, and hopefully I’ll see you all again soon :)

Taft was wide awake for the majority of the session, not wanting to miss any of the action! :)  I love how Karly is looking at Taft in this one! She was such a good little helper, and happily went along with any photo I suggested. She made my job super easy! :) just a few eskimo kisses :)
“he got my cheek instead of my nose!” One of my questions I always ask clients before their session is “what are the things your kids do at this particular age that you never want to forget?” and Kristin explained how she walked into the room the other day to see Karly reading to Taft, completely unprompted. So we wanted to make sure that we worked that into their session too. This was Karly’s book of choice, I think Taft approves :) and this is Karly’s “crazy Kona” pup :) As crazy as Kona might be, I have a feeling that Karly can keep her in line anyway :) love this one and the look on Kona’s face :) something else that Kristin mentioned she never wanted to forget is how Karly loves swinging in their front yard. Apparently Karly is usually decked out in one of her princess dresses when she swings, but for these photos her glitter shoes and cute denim dress worked just fine :) one of my favorites! i LOVE how Karly is standing on her tip toes to reach him! so sweet! doesn’t Kristin have the most gorgeous smile? :) I love getting photos of mamas rocking their babies :) and then he was finally passed out! its always worth it to wait them out to get those sweet sleepy baby photos :) we took the majority of these photos in Taft’s nursery! how cool are those old lockers behind him?! who needs a dresser when you have fun blue lockers in your room!? baby’s first aviators :) Think Taft will play football for North Texas just like his daddy?? :)
aaaand this was Taft’s expression by the end of the session :) This is his way of saying “hey lady, can’t I just nap in PEACE?!” :) Happy Monday :)

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