Fright Night 2013!

It’s back! If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will recognize a few of these creepy faces from my Fright Night recap last year and the recap from 2011! Fright Night is a big event that our church sponsors every October and last year over 10,000 people came out to see how we scare better! The team that puts this on truly goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone who comes through the trail has an unforgettable experience. Last year I was out on the trail all month doing photos of being going through different scenes, but this year I went out one night to focus mostly on photos of some of the new scenes and costumes that they brought in. It truly takes an incredible group of volunteers to make this happen, everyone from the actors and trail guides on the trail, to people helping with concessions, security, tickets, the bonfire and paintball activities, and childcare inside for the volunteers kids… it is really such a group effort! At the end of the day though they know its worth it to give thousands of teenagers a safe place to hang out on Friday and Saturday nights, and have them step foot on a church property maybe for the first time in their life.

If you’ve never experienced Fright Night, you still have a few more weekends to come out! It’s open every Friday and Saturday night in October, as well as Friday November 1st! You can check out for tickets and more information! But for now, here are a few of the creep-tastic faces you might come across out on the trail… look at these incredible costumes! They are new this year and were made just for these actors out on the trail: you will NEVER see these guys coming, I literally couldn’t even see them right in front of my face to take these photos! thank goodness for auto focus ;)
did I mention that our makeup team is incredible? and one more little family portrait ;) See you out on the trail! :)

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