The Casanave Family- Great Country Farms Portrait Session

Meet Jeremy, Amira, Angelina, and Austin! These guys are friends from church, and I first got to know the kids through KGB, and Jeremy when he helped me out with photography for Fright  Night last year! We’ve been talking about setting up a time for family photos for months now, and last week we finally made it happen! We walked around Great Country Farms, ventured through the corn maze, and had a few different run in’s with a goat or a pig here and there ;) When I’m photographing older kids, its always important to me to try and get those REAL smiles, as most kids by this age have mastered the cheesy smile when a camera comes out. I love that I can hear the kids laughing when I look at these photos :) Enjoy lots of favorites! Thanks again for hanging out for the afternoon! :)

Not gonna lie, we may or may not have gotten a little lost in the corn maze ;) thankfully it was worth it! these are some of my favorites from the session!
Austin’s face in the shot on the right is so funny to me. I think most boys feel that way when their sisters try and hug them ;)
another favorite, totally candid moment moving from one spot to the next: oooh Bluemont, you’re beautiful! I’m thankful I live so close to places like this! The kids ran ahead a little bit to check out this barn, and as soon as they got about 2 feet away 4 little PIGS popped up in the window! They looked like they could have jumped right out to join us! It startled the kids (to say the least!) and definitely made everyone laugh :) I wonder if you can see any little pigs peeking through the boards… :) ooh and this little guy! He SO badly wanted to be a part of our session! He would chase the kids back and forth on the roof, just wanting to be where ever they were. So of course, we had to include him in one of their photos :) About 2 minutes after this was taken, he JUMPED off of the roof to come down to where we were. No idea how he did that, but thankfully one of the farmers was still there to put him back in his home :) This wasn’t quiiiite the “pose” i was trying to tell Austin to move into, but it was still pretty darn cute to me so we just went with it :) Happy Monday! :)

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  1. Jeremy Casanave says:

    Thanks so much Jessie!!! We had a great time, and we love the photos!

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