Adam and Caitlin: part 2! – Downtown Leesburg Engagement Session

I mentioned when I blogged the first part of Adam and Caitlin’s engagement session that they’d be back for round 2! We had every intention of heading to downtown Leesburg after the farmers market, but after seeing how amazing the light was at the farmers market, I just couldn’t leave! So we opted to meet up again for round two to focus on some shots around downtown Leesburg, and took full advantage of the gorgeous sunset the first time around :)

Adam and Caitlin’s first date was at a coffee shop, so we wanted to make sure to work that into their engagement photos. Shoes is the cutest coffee shop right in downtown Leesburg, so we spent the majority of our time there and even played a few rounds of bocce ball! :) These two are so much fun to hang out with, and I’m already counting down until their wedding next Summer! Enjoy round 2! :) Caitlin said that Adam totally grilled her on their first date with question after question. I figured she must have answered most of them correctly, otherwise we wouldn’t be here doing engagement photos! :) I love that sign above them :) then it was game time :) Caitlin and I are very similar in that we enjoy playing games, but we aren’t really competitive at all. Adam on the other hand had his strategy all worked out for this game ;) which paid off in the end of him, winning the best 2 out of 3 games :) the official way to measure distance… ;) they even attracted a little audience ;) I think this was the point when Cait told him one of her plasn for the next 10 years was to accumulate at least 6 more dogs ;) i loved how spots kept popping up that coordinated perfectly with what they were wearing :) there’s always time to stop and play in the leaves :) Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :)

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