Adam and Rachel – Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Photographer

I think any other couple would have had a very different sort of day. By the time Sunday rolled around, it had officially been pouring rain for FIVE days at that point. Everything was soaked, but the weather forecast was saying that the rain just might decide to stop for Rachel and Adam’s ceremony. Any other couple might have been phased by it, but I don’t even think Adam and Rachel noticed the rain at all. Their day flowed as if it was 70 degrees and sunny, and their joyful spirits were contagious to everyone there. Their ceremony was one of my all time favorites. As Rachel came down the aisle, Adam was looking at her the way every woman dreams her husband will one day. During their vows, they both promised many things, but one that caught my ear the most was at the end when Rachel promised to “purposefully grow our friendship.” It can be so easy to get caught up in the chaos of our day to day lives, that we forget to love with purpose. That we forget to be intentional with one another, and I love that Rachel and Adam are purposeful in how they love one another.

Adam and Rachel were married on a perfect October Sunday at the Historic Mankin Mansion in Richmond and the team there did absolutely everything they could to make sure the day was flawless. Also a big thank you to the wonderful Kristi McKeag for helping me out for the day! Whether she was carrying umbrellas, helping me change lenses, or working her magic behind her camera, she was the best addition to their day! :)

Adam and Rachel, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day! For letting me laugh with you, celebrate with you, and even get soaked in a few little rain storms with you :) Enjoy LOTS of favorites! lots of helping hands for LOTS of buttons :) Rachel’s dress suited her so perfectly! meanwhile Kristi went to hang out with Adam and his guys for a few minutes! LOVE these next few shots that Kristi took! especially this first one of Adam waiting for his girl :) they opted to exchange gifts back to back before the saw each other for the first time :) can’t you hear her saying “ta da!!!” in that shot on the left?! ;) I’d say ‘captivated’ would be a perfect word to describe Adam in this next photo ;) another one of Kristi’s photos: what’s that you ask? oh yes, that would be the bed pan that Adam had engraved for Rachel as part of her wedding gift ;) Did I mention that Adam and Rachel met at the hospital where they both work? Yes that would be DR.&Mrs. Lustig! :) HA! I told you I’d put that shot on the left on the blog! one of my favorites :) another favorite! this property had SO many fun spots for photos! another one of Kristi’s! love the wide angle shot! aaaand then the rain started up again! can you see the rain drops in this next photo? apparently Rachel isn’t quite as good at “nuzzling” as Adam is ;) a couple quick shots that Kristi grabbed right before they headed down the aisle! good thing everyone came prepared! you shoulda seen be running around in my hot pink rain coat all day ;) pretty sure the look on Adam’s face is what every woman hopes to see when she walks down the aisle :) and i love how proud her dad looks of her in the shot on the right! Rachel, you have some pretty incredible men in your life! and THIS handsome little guy was smiling at me during the whole ceremony! so cute!! MARRIED! by this point it was pretty much completely dark outside, but we still managed to sneak in a few fun wedding party photos really quick! have i told you lately how much i appreciate FUN groomsmen?! :) then it was time to dance!! hey photographers out there, that shot on the right is EXACTLY why same day slide shows are genius!! :) thank you to Kristi for grabbing both of these! no idea what was said during the toasts that resulted in this AWESOME shot that Kristi took ;) one of my favorite candid shots of the day! goodness Kristi is just on a roll! how fun is this photo?! Adam and Rachel opted to ditch the cake and instead had the most AMAZING chocolate caramel apples! SO GOOD! Kristi and I had to stay away from them all night, they smelled like chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven! YUM! and in addition to the apples, they also had a frozen yogurt bar! best idea ever! they had chocolate or vanilla yogurt and then the most amazing toppings! i love couples that think outside the box with their desserts! :) Adam going after her garter… i think ;) and they’re off! Congratulations again! :) Happy Monday!

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  1. Ahhhhh….ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS WEDDING!! A big congratulations to Rachel and Adam and a huge THANK YOU to you, Jessie, for allowing me to be a part of this special day with you!!! Such an incredible day and special memories!!! xoxox-Kristi

  2. Elizabeth says:

    love the b/w photos of the bridal party looks “Victorian” awesome job!!!

  3. Anna says:

    This looks like the most fun couple ever! Great pix!

  4. Patti Soderberg AKA MOB :0) says:

    A day to cherish and deepest thanks to the most amazing photographers ever! Thank you for capturing for all time some of the most precious and creative photos ever! Blessings upon blessings to Jessie and Kristi!

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