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I think every photographer out there will tell you that they have a love/hate relationship with the month of October. It’s the busiest month/season of the year for me which means I get to hang out with clients that I love and I can’t get enough of all the gorgeous fall colors right now! But at the same time, that also means a LOT more late nights and hours spent in front of my computer so I can get all these pretty pictures back to my clients asap! So needless to say, all the RAIN we’ve had this month has not been welcome in my world! Kathleen had her engagement session on the calendar for a while now, and their original date was gross outside. It was the kind of day where we probably COULD have kept their session, but I knew that it wasn’t ideal for sure, and I also knew that they deserved a gorgeous fall day for their session that Kathleen and Tielor had been dreaming of! So we decided to be flexible and bump their session back by a week or two, and ended up with the most PERFECT gorgeous fall afternoon for their engagement session at Colvin Run Million over in Great Falls!

I always love my time with couples during their engagement session, it helps me really get to know them better and see how they interact in front of the camera. Typically it takes clients a few minutes to get “warmed up” to the camera if you will, but with Kathleen and Tielor these first photos I took were some of my favorites! They were laughing and relaxed right from the beginning, so I can only imagine how these two will rock it out on their wedding day next July! :) Happy viewing, friends! see what I mean?! I knew this was going to be a great session RIGHT from the beginning! :) another favorite :) I said to Kathleen, “i bet you spend a lot of time on your tip toes, huh?” to which she laughed and quickly responded “I have to! he’s so tall!” :) LOVE these! I knew these would be favorites from the moment I took them! Love all the texture and color that a place like Colvin Run Mill offers :) Happy Wednesday!

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