Parker: 1 Year! – Stone Ridge VA Family Photographer

How in the world am I already blogging Parker’s first birthday session?! Wasn’t it just the other day that I was photographing Scooter and Ashley’s engagement photos? and now (ahem.. 4.5 years later) they’re baby boy is already ONE?! How does it fly by so fast? Ashley and Scooter are one of those wonderful couples that have let me be their “photographer for life”, and it is such a sweet gift to be able to see them in every important season for their family. and oh my gracious Parker brings out the best in both of them. It was so fun to see how Parker is just like Scooter, trying to copy all of the funny sounds and laughs that his dad does, and I have a feeling Parker might have inherited some of his dads dance skills too :) We were even able to do a few photos in their house, and I think it’s so special that they have photos with Parker when he was just a week and have photos in the same spot now that he’s one. They’re getting ready to move this weekend, so I thought it was really fitting to get a few photos in Parker’s first house :) anyway, as always with this family I have way too many favorites, so enjoy lots and lots of photos of this handsome little man! Happy 1st Birthday, Parker! :)

ps you can go back and view Parker’s 6 month photos and newborn photos just to see how much this boy has grown! let me just say, I will be forever jealous of this kids gorgeous eyelashes! even though this isn’t a close up shot I love how you can still see how long they are in this photo! Parker’s showing off some of his dance movies, apparently nothing can compare to Macklemore in this kids book :) I’m pretty sure we have a shot veeeery similar to this from his newborn session… he’s just a *little* bit bigger than he was then :) oh. my. GRACIOUS. when Ashley mentioned that Parker had a super cute halloween costume that she would love to get a few photos in, nothing could have prepared me for THIS! I died seeing him in his little elephant costume! and Parker loved it! he was so stinkin cute walking around his room as a little baby elephant :) this shot cracks me up though, he had sort of fallen back and was trying to sit himself back up, but it’s hard when you’ve got that big round belly! :) again with the eye lashes! melt my heart!
Ashley knew Parker wouldn’t be super into the cake since he’s a pretty picky eater, but he was still interested enough to play with it for a few minutes to let me get some photos :) Happy Tuesday! :)

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