The Whitlow Family- Loudoun County Family Photographer

I’m so excited to share this post with you all today! Pastor Charlie and Jill Whitlow are the lead pastors of my church, and I was so honored when they contacted me about taking some updated family portraits! I knew these pictures were going to be used for their annual holiday card that goes out to our entire church, so the pressure was definitely on to get them some great photos! Thankfully they have some SUPER cute kids that made my job so easy :) They have four incredible kids; Kate, Charlie, Oakley, and Jude. Even after their little cheeks hurt from smiling for so long, they were still willing to always give me just ooone more photo :)

Pastor Charlie and Jill have taken our church to some incredible places since they took on the main leadership role. Our church is growing at a rate that continues to pleasantly surprise everyone daily, and I truly think it’s because Pastor Charlie and Jill maintain the foundational idea that we are historic in our roots and traditional in our teaching, but contemporary in how we are reaching the community. I can only imagine where they are going to take our church and how much it will grow over the next 5 years, but I’m so excited to have a front row seat to be able to see it all unfold! Pastor Charlie and Jill, thank you both so much for how well you love and lead our church family. It was an absolute honor to be able to take some updated photos of your sweet family! :) Enjoy lots of favorites!

This first one just might be my favorite from their session! I love the expression on Jude’s face! :)
I knew this session had to be a little different than most, since these photos were mostly going to be used for promotional and church purposes I did way more “posed” shots than I normally would have. I love how the kids personalities still come out in these photos though :) The kids thought that since their parents got to throw some leaves at them in the shot above, that THEY should get to throw some of their own in the photo below on the right :)
these next three are my other favorites from their session! We did the session at Jill’s parents house in Waterford and it was absolutely perfect! I was loving all of the colors and textures, but this big tree behind them was particularly stunning :) I wanted to make sure to get a quick photo of each of the kids too! meet Kate:
Charlie: Oakley: and Jude :) We also needed to make sure to grab a few photos of Pastor Charlie and Jill that they can use for different promotional purposes, and i love how these turned out!
I had Charlie dancing around behind me and giving me bunny ears to make his dad laugh… mission accomplished :) Happy Thursday! :)

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  2. Beth Vriesman says:

    I love the one where the kids got to throw the leaves, both Pastor Charlie and Jill look so natural. Kate and mom is a great shot too. I can’t wait to see what they pick for the Christmas card. As always Jessie, you bring out the personality of every person in every picture.

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