The Whitlow Family- Leesburg VA Family Photographer

This session has been a work in progress for well over a year now, but coordinating 24 people’s schedules is MUCH harder than it would seem! A few weeks ago you met our current pastors at Community Church, Pastors Charlie and Jill Whitlow (you can go back and see that post HERE). Well this time you get the WHOLE Whitlow family! Pastor Arlie and his lovely wife Jerrie are the founding pastors of our church, and their kids have been trying to get some updated family portraits for them for quite a while now. It just so happened that the entire family was in town for Thanksgiving, and I had a last minute opening the next morning so we pulled everything together in about 48 hours and made it happen! It was FREEZING the morning of the session, but all of the kids were such troopers and did so well considering how cold their little fingers were!

It was such an honor to be asked to photograph this family, and I’m so glad we were finally able to make it happen! Pastor Arlie told me I was already invited back to do this whole thing again once they add a few more grandkids to the group ;) Also a big thank you to Joseph for helping me out for the morning. I knew I would need someone to help out with a group this big, and I’m so glad he was able to come along. Having two cameras going with so many cute kiddos running around is never a bad idea! :) To the whole Whitlow family, thanks again for letting us come in and photograph your family! Enjoy lots of my favorites from your session!

This is what an incredible legacy looks like: look at all those beautiful grandkids! had to include one of the “outtakes” :) this is what you get with 14 kids! Me: “Pastor, now can you please spin towards your lovely wife?” Pastor: “but when I spin toward her, I just want to kiss her!” Me: “well then you go right ahead!” this one makes me happy :) I wanted to make sure we got some photos of each individual family as well, and one of each family with Pastor Arlie and Sister Jerrie: This is Pastor Arlie III’s family, they pastor a great church called Victory Crossing Frank and Loree and their family are a crucial part of Community Church, helping with everything from worship to Fright Night and eeeeverything in between: and you just met this beautiful family a few weeks ago! we didn’t make these kids stay outside for too many photos since they had just done a portrait session with me, but I wanted to fit in at least a few! the last time you saw this family was with Josh was a newborn! we did newborn photos for him and right before that some birthday photos for miss Lucy/maternity photos of Crystal. Crazy to see how much they’ve grown since then!
Joseph grabbed these two shots that i love: while I was outside with the adults doing photos of them, we sent Joseph inside with all of the kids to warm up. Little did I know he was setting up all of his own photos too! He took all of these photos of the kids by the fire place. First up were the lovely ladies: then these handsome boys: and one more photo of all the grandkids! but these two photos that Joseph grabbed of the ‘behind the scenes’ are some of my favorites :) It’s quite the production to get 14 kids to look and smile all at once! :) it was a team effort for sure :)
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Rebekah says:

    I agree with Anna — P. Arlie and Sister Jerrie together are the best :) And the outtakes are fabulous! Way to go with such a huge group!!

  2. Anna says:

    Oh my word! Love these! My two faves by far are the one Pastor Arlie and Sister Jerrie giggling – seriously true love of a lifetime, I hope we are that giggly at their age! And the “out take” of Sister Jerrie and Pastor Arlie with all the grand kids… pastor Arlie’s face kills me!!! Ahh #reallife

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