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I remember Katie talking about how much the Lord taught her last year when she helped organize the women’s ministry christmas tea for her church. She talked about learning and growing, and never wanting to do that again :) Well as she explained to everyone this past Saturday, the Lord quickly told her that yes she absolutely did have to participate in the tea again, this time as the main speaker. She asked me a couple months ago if I would consider leading worship at the tea, which I said yes to mostly just because it was Katie asking :) I honestly wasn’t worried too much about anything, BUT playing my guitar! When I first picked up the guitar back in 2004 I basically learned enough just to barely get by. I can plunk out a handful of chords, but that’s about it! I can get up there and sing whatever you need me to, but I knew it was going to take a minor miracle for my fingers to remember all the correct guitar chords.

I put up a photo on instagram asking for prayers for the women attending, for Katie as she spoke to them all, and for me as I was leading worship, and a sweet lady from my church Sister Leah quickly reminded me that I was singing for an audience of One, and to keep that as my main focus. So often when it comes to leading worship that can become one of the first things I forget. I think about what the people listening will think… will i distract them with my lack of guitar skills… what if they don’t like the songs i picked… what if i totally forget the chords… what if my voice breaks on the high notes… so. many. DUMB. distractions! I was so thankful for Sister Leah and her sweet reminder, it was exactly what I needed to refocus my heart in that moment. I was so excited for the opportunity to lead these lovely women in a few songs and be a part of this event, and my sweet friend Katie did such a beautiful job presenting the message! She talked about what it looks like for us as women to have “faith like a child”, and it was wonderful to hear SO many women come up to her after the message saying how much it spoke to their hearts! To Katie and the women of Cedar Run, thank you for inviting me to be part of this event! It was an honor! :) We all sang 4 christmas hymns together, and then Katie asked me to sing an arrangement of ‘Mary and Joseph’ by Dave Barnes. It’s a beautiful song, and you can click HERE to listen to Dave’s version if you’ve never heard it! :) She and Cedar Belle were the best dressed ones there in their christmas tutus! :)
Happy Monday! :)

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  1. Grandma says:

    I am so proud of you. xoxo

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