Courtney and Lucy- Goodstone Inn VA Wedding Photographer

Oh friends, I’m SO excited to share this wedding with you today! It was my favorite kind of day… personal, intimate, and so very joyful. I was blessed to be one of 13 people total that were in attendance last Friday as Courtney and Lucy officially became husband and wife. It was the sweetest way to spend a perfect, rainy winter day. I showed up just as Courtney and Lucy were finishing getting ready for the day in their gorgeous cabin on the Goodstone Inn property. It was just the two of them in the cabin, no massive wedding party filling the rooms. He tied her belt, she fitted his cufflinks. She got to tell him how handsome he looked 100 times, but he told her how stunning she was 101 times. They danced in the rain all afternoon, determined that a little bit of rain wasn’t going to take away from the photos Lucy had been dreaming of for so long. They stood up in front of the people most dear to them and promised forever, in such a personal, sweet ceremony that was scripted just for them. The remainder of the evening was spent laughing, toasting, and celebrating the beautiful couple in one of the wine cellars at Goodstone Inn, complete with a dinner menu that was to die for! As Lucy explained it to me in her original email, “although it’s not all together traditional, we have a fun day planned for those involved.” The day was truly about celebrating their marriage with the people closest to them. It wasn’t about any little details or center pieces. It wasn’t about dresses or boutonnières. It was about their families surrounding them and declaring that they all promise to love, support, and encourage Courtney and Lucy to love each other more than the day before. I’m so thankful for couples like Courtney and Lucy who invite me to share in their most important moments. On a day where they selected just their immediate families to share with them, somehow I made the cut, and for that I’m forever thankful. Thank you for making me a part of your families for the day, it was a joy to share it with you all! :) Congratulations to you both!!

How amazing is Lucy’s dress?! She explained that she never really pictured herself in a white gown, and I think this dress she chose could not have been more perfect for her! complete with a great pair of Jimmy Choo’s and a gorgeous bouquet and she was ready to go! :) okay so how cool is this… Lucy and Courtney MADE each others wedding bands!! They had a whole photo slideshow of the process of making each others bands from start to finish! and Lucy put their wedding date on the inside of Courtney’s band. Such a fun memory and a sweet family heirloom to pass on one day! did I mention that their wedding day was also Courtney’s birthday?! Getting a wife as a birthday present has got to be the best birthday ever! These were one of his other gifts that day: these images of Lucy and Courtney helping each other get ready are some of my absolute favorites from their day! I love how sweet, simple, and personal these photos are! LOVE! :) Lucy you are just stunning! What I loved most about Lucy’s attire was that it was put together one piece at a time, none of it was technically “made” to go with anything else! and different people selected each piece on their own, and it all happened to come together SO perfectly! Like I mentioned, the cabin they were staying in for the night was completely gorgeous, and made for a great backdrop for these photos! Love this one looking at them in the living room through the bedroom door: It was raining ALL day long, which didn’t seem to phase anyone at all! We did a few portraits around the cabin first before heading out into the rain: definitely one of my favorite shots of them from the day: I know this next one isn’t a typical composition for me. In fact I’m pretty sure the crooked composition was a “happy accident” if you will, but there’s something so gorgeous about how her dress is flowing and how his hand is covering hers that makes me love this image! Then we bundled up a little and headed out! I could have done photos at this property ALL day and never run out of beautiful spots! I’m secretly hoping we can go back for some anniversary photos or something one day when it’s NOT pouring rain and freezing and take full advantage of the pretty property :) and it looked SO gorgeous all decorated for Christmas! How gorgeous is Lucy’s wrap?! It totally completed her “look” for the day and made her look that much more glamourous! Time to get married! :)
ha! i love how she is looking at him in this next one :) another favorite! I love when people have someone who really KNOWS them perform the ceremony! It is so special when they can really personalize it! cheers!! They had each guest make them a wish, drop a penny into this vase, and then pour a little bit of sand on top. Such a fun spin on the unity jar! Congratulations again! Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. Suzi Klyber says:


  2. Barbara says:

    Lucy and Courtney – Congratulations. These pictures are beautiful. Stunning. I “feel” you both. Peace and abundance. Love – Barbara and Tim Marney

  3. Katie Covert says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her outfit. So beautiful. Such a sweet day!

  4. Lucy says:

    My heart just almost burst with joy; everything about these photos captures the day perfectly. Thank you for being there and taking these wonderful photos.

  5. Jess says:

    Beautiful job, Jessie!

  6. Leigh says:

    Absolutely stunning…you can just feel the love :)

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