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While I do believe that it’s important to photograph the little, every day moments that make up our lives, there has been something SO special to me about doing all of these Christmas portraits this year! I don’t know if it’s the magic and excitement that all these little ones experience when they’re looking at their decorated christmas tree, tangled up in christmas lights, or dreaming of what Santa is going to fill their stockings with that changes the mood of the session or what, but regardless it has been such a sweet month doing all of these holiday portraits! Baby Gabriela was born just over three short weeks ago, and with the business of the season we decided to do more of a holiday portrait session instead of my traditional newborn portrait session. That turned out to be the best plan, since Gabriela was wide awake and so alert during the entire time I was there! It really does amaze me the difference those first three weeks makes! Usually I insist on doing traditional newborn portraits during the first two weeks, and even Kristy said that just a week ago Gabriela slept SO much sounder than she was now! So crazy how they change so fast! :) Eliana was so proud of her baby sister and it was so fun to photograph them both! I can already tell what good friends they are going to become over the next few years :) Happy viewing, friends!

Eliana was SO darling in her christmas dress! She was telling me about allllll the ornaments on their tree :)
Even Gabriela got suck a kick out of sitting in this little sled with her sister :) She was perfectly content in her sister’s lap the whole time! sweet girls!! one of my favorites! :) yeeeah there was definitely no sleep happening for this girl :) she was too focused on me and the camera! love these next two! look at her little smile for her daddy in that photo on the left! :) Eliana is getting to move into her new ‘big girl room’ and she seems pretty pumped about it to me!Gabriela fiiiiiinally decided to snooze for a few minutes right before I left, just long enough for me to get a few sweet shots of Kristy with her baby girl :) Happy Monday! :)

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