Brian and Alexandra are expecting! – Meadowlark Gardens Portrait Session

Whenever maternity sessions get postponed it always makes me a little nervous, as you well know there is only so long that a maternity session can be rescheduled before it becomes a NEWBORN session! We had a date and time all picked out for Brian and Alex’s session, and then we got a ton of snow two days in a row which shut everything down up here in northern VA! As fun as a session in the snow would have been, somehow I don’t think that would have been our best option :) Thankfully we were able to pick a new date before the holidays, and we even had a little bit of snow left on the ground! Good thing they love the snow! :) I always say that my couples are tougher than most, I’m sure they were absolutely FROZEN by the end of the hour but you would never know it by the smiles on their faces! It was so fun to get to know Alex and Brian during their maternity session, and I can’t wait to meet their sweet boy at the end of next month! :) Thanks for braving the cold with me! we had the most PERFECT evening light throughout their whole session! Couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon! you see all that ice on the bridge? it was only about 10 seconds after I took this picture that I totally slipped and fell flat. on. my. rear! guess my trainer still needs to work on the whole balance concept a little more :) LOVE this next one! another favorite! love all the snow on the ground! this one stopped me in my tracks when I was culling through their images! i just love how happy they both look! :) a gorgeous couple and some lovely glowy light is one of my favorite combinations ever :)
Happy Thursday! :)

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