Meet Charlie- Virginia Beach Baby Photographer

When I made the decision to move up to Northern Virginia over three years ago, one of the hardest things about that decision was knowing that I’d be 4 hours away from these dear friends in Virginia Beach. I led Young Life with Josh back in 2006, and their family have become some of my favorite people to be around. I don’t get to see them nearly often enough, and their kids are growing up WAY too quickly!

With Jacob, Anela, and Lucas, I was able to go visit them all within the first week they were born. but with my crazy fall schedule, we just couldn’t make it happen right after Charlie was born. I was so bummed, but took the first opportunity I could to head down and spend a few days with their family and get to know sweet Charlie :) He and I made up for lost time this past weekend! He’s already 4 months old, and has the most precious personality already! He’s SO observant, and always has to have his eyes on whatever his siblings are getting into :) You can tell he’s ready to jump up and go! He always seemed like he could have leaped out of your arms and just started running after them right then and there. He’s the perfect addition to their family, and I’m so glad I got to come spend a few days with them all!

Oh man all these Shaw babies just melt my heart! Here’s Jacob:
and miss Anela Mae: and Lucas: and this happy little baby is Charlie! oh that sweet smile and long eyelashes! Seriously this kid is SO observant! If there’s any kind of activity he wants to know exactly whats going on. He would track me anywhere I went with my camera: baby toes:love that little drooley smile :) his big smile in this photo reminds me of Anela :) both so expressive! Charlie thinks his fingers are the best thing ever :) the next morning we had a little pajama party and did a few more photos! one of my favorites! i love how Jacob is holding Charlie’s hand, and I love how Lucas has his little fingers in his mouth and “night-night”… a very typical way to find Lucas :) Thanks for letting me come hang out, and I can’t wait to see you guys again soon! :)

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  1. Terresa says:

    Charlie was giving you tons of smiles. :) love them all!! thanks Jessie!!

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