Turner: 8 Months – Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

Oooh this sweet boy, he was all smiles from the moment he got to my house last weekend for his 8 month photo session! and those two little teeth he has growing are the cutest thing you’ve ever seen :) you can go back and see Turner’s 4 month session and newborn session too before scrolling down to see how much he has grown :)

look at that little bottom tooth! two of my favorite shots: and do you see that one other tooth on the top that he’s working on?! man between cutting teeth and learning to clap with those blocks, it is hard work being 8 months old! sweet baby eyelashes and chubby cheeks! it was so cute seeing how much he loved this book! he had a big smile on his face the entire time! Turner’s favorite position :) the first thing i noticed in this photo is how Turner appears to be signing “i love you” :) Happy Friday!

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  1. […] to Turner (and the image on the right!) was pretty darn funny!  You can go back and see his 8 month session, 4 month session, and his newborn portraits too! Happy 1st birthday, Turner! […]

  2. Erin says:

    Jessie – these are beautiful – thank you!!!

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