a tennessee christmas

Our kind of Tennessee Christmases are made up of…

Appalachian trail adventures (in the rain)…
ice cycle sword fights…rosy cheeks… mountain views… (ps thanks to Laura for these first 4 photos!) sister hugs… goddaughter snuggles… tight squeezes… laughing til your belly hurts (at little bobby showing off his dance moves…) Mackenzie Mae giggles…
eskimo kisses… blue eyed babies… funny (Tanner) faces… and even MORE crazy faces… history making (this documents the first photo I have with all FOUR of my godkids! in the SAME photo! glory, glory, hallelujah!) …creative boys who think up the best stories in the world… giggle fits… this one on the left had LOTS of giggle fits… pretty babies that look JUST like their mamas…
red nosed boys… baby sister love… silly kiddos… bed time talks til midnight with this little lady…
sweet little boys who like to play with your hair… flying down the front yard hill in the wagon (and holding on tight!)…
time with my oldest friend… and wonderful grandparents who help make this place “home”… Tennessee Christmases are the very best :)

come on weatherman
give us a forecast snowy white
can’t you hear the prayers
of every childlike heart tonight?

Rockies are calling, Denver snow falling
somebody said it’s four feet deep
but it doesn’t matter, give me the laughter
i’m gonna choose to keep

another tender Tennessee Christmas
the only Christmas for me
where the love circles around us
like the gift around our tree

well i know there’s more snow up in colorado
than my roof will ever see
but a tender Tennessee Christmas
is the only Christmas for me

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  1. Grandma says:

    Doesn’t get much better! Great photos! Love ya all! xoxo

  2. Lisa says:

    So happy to see that the circle is unbroken – my children, grandchildren, niece and nephew playing in and loving the very same places that my sisters and I did. I can almost hear the whispers of those long gone, saying welcome home. Love lasts forever.

  3. mel avjean says:

    BEST PHOTOS EVER! Thanks for posting! Looks like you had a FUN time! xoxox

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