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I’ve said for a long time now that I would be perfectly happy to live somewhere that stayed between 50-80 degrees year round. I don’t need the summer heat, and I can do without the snow. This year Virginia seems to be experiencing the winter that just won’t end. It has officially overstayed it’s welcome, so we decided to head to Florida for a few days in search of some sunshine and good friends! Thankfully, we found BOTH! Mom, Katie, and Cedar Belle went down to Orlando last week and had lots of fun visitors and we even got to introduce Cedar to Mickey Mouse! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and it was so nice to have some florida sunshine, especially since Virginia welcomed us home with more snow! c’moooooon SPRING! i’m ready for ya! :)

for now, here are a few photos from our trip! We have family and good friends in florida, and over the course of the week we got to see a few of them! the first night my cousin Laura came to hang out, and Katie’s roommate from college stopped by too! the next day we heading to find a little disney magic! OH my good gracious, have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby in Mickey ears?! Cedar Belle literally stopped traffic all. day. long. as people would want to oooh and ahhh over how stinkin cute she looked in her mickey ears and tutu :) it was an exciting day for Cedar Belle :)
she seriously kept those ears on all week long! it made me so happy! she LOVED all of the rides! she was so enthralled with all of the sights and sounds of disney and was so wide eyed the whole time.  i’ve heard people say there’s no point in taking a baby to disney, but Cedar clearly loved all of the disney magic, and it was so sweet to watch her experience it all! apparently there was a little too much excitement for her, because she just couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer! everyone Cedar met was truly smitten with her, even when she’s snoozing!
Sleeping Beauty: “Oh my goodness, I have the SAME problem! I just can’t seem to stay awake!” Sleeping Beauty left her mark ;) I’m so glad that Ingrid was able to join us for a couple days! She and my mom have been best friends since middle school, and she’s one of my favorite people to spend time with :) it took Cedar Belle all of 5 seconds to warm up to Minnie Mouse :) I think Minnie could have hung out with Cedar all day, she didn’t want her to leave! can’t say i blame her :) so many kisses! bahaha! this is one of my favorite photos from the week :) while it may look like she’s saying “hold it right there, mouse…” i think what Cedar really meant was “hey! you and Minnie have the same size nose, and it fits perfectly in my hand! get over here!” Katie has a photo with these rascals from when she was about Cedar’s age, so we needed to track them down for an updated photo :) and of course, Cedar Belle needed to meet Belle herself! (even if Belle didn’t get the yellow dress memo, hopefully she’ll get it right next time ;) )and a few little sunset portraits to end the day :)oooh how i love these girls! be still my heart! my other favorite photo from the week :) the concentration in her eyes just kills me! better luck next year, CBelle ;) and this was how we ended our days :) anybody want to go back next week? :)

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  3. Kristen Duffy says:

    These photos are SO precious!! :-) Katie is wonderful and there’s so much joy captured here :-)

  4. Carolyn Covert says:

    Amazing photos Jessie. I can’t stop scrolling through them! Thank you for blessing Katie and Cedar Belle with this wonderful visit to Disney!

  5. Katie says:

    Precious memories! We had the sweetest time! Thank you Friend!

  6. melanie avjean says:

    BEST blog ever! Great shots of everyone!

  7. mom says:

    That was a great trip and so happy to see your wonderful pictures of the fun, fun, fun and that cute, darling baby!

  8. Grandma says:

    Thanks for sharing. You never disappoint us. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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