Scooter and Ashley are Expecting! – Northern VA Maternity Photographer

“your mother, well, she’s strong and steady
southern drawl and good lord, she’s pretty
she’s better than anything I dreamed
and honestly, I’m scared to death
I’ll breathe at last at your first breath
Everything you need, I’ll try to be.”
-Dave Barnes
Back in 2009 when we were photographing Ashley and Scooter’s day after portraits they casually mentioned that they had decided I got to be their “photographer for life”, and goodness gracious I can’t even being to tell you how thankful I am that still now five years later that still holds true. I don’t think there’s a bigger compliment I could receive than a couple inviting me into their lives time and time again, and turning into great friends along the way. The last time I saw Parker he had just celebrated his very first birthday, but in just a few short weeks he is being promoted to the role of big brother! :) That baby girl in Ashley’s belly doesn’t even know how lucky she is to have these three as her family! and c’mon, how adorable is Parker’s little belly sticking out in this photo below?! :)oh hi baby sister!think these two look alike at all? yup, i think Parker just miiiiight be her child ;) one of my favorites! Ashley, my dear friend, you are more gorgeous than ever :) Parker won’t have this little “seat” for long! :)LOVE! my favorite for sure :) this boy with his long eyelashes and chubby little fingers stole my heart the minute I met him! flowers for his mama:we had such a gorgeous evening for their session! this next image has a little more sun flare than I normally go for, but it’s still one of my favorites! oooh these two, you can tell right away they are best buds :)Can’t wait to meet your sweet girl in just a few weeks! xoxo! Happy Friday! :)

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