Kevin and Heather- Clifton VA Wedding Photographer

“You’re my favorite part of this story
so tell it again and again to me.”
– JJ Heller
You know those clients where you meet them and instantly feel like you’ve been good friends for years? After about 5 minutes with Kevin and Heather I felt like I was photographing old friends! We spent a couple hours getting to know each other, exploring downtown Clifton, and throwing in a few engagement photos while we were at it :) Playful couples who are always laughing together always make my job so darn easy!However as SOON as we started doing photos, we were quickly attacked.. and when I say attacked, I mean that this kid actually shot and HIT me with his arrow at least three times! We were just walking around a little park, and their parents were no where to be found, so these three formulated a plan and literally started shooting right away… this was definitely the first time I have been attacked during an engagement shoot, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything! By the 3rd arrow that hit me I was ready to confiscate them! sooo we just switched our location and kept going, even though those boys followed us for the next 10 minutes trying to formulate a new plan! it didn’t seem to phase these two though :) this next photo is one of my absolute favorites!couples who laugh a lot are the best :) eeevery session should include a big weeping willow tree! thank you both for risking being hit my 21034 cars to walk over to this spot :) that one on the left is going to be the cover of their rock album one day ;) and every session in Clifton should end with ice cream!! :)Thanks again for spending your Friday evening with me! can’t WAIT for your big day next April! :)

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  1. Heather says:

    Jessie you are amazing! I absolutely love the pictures! It was such a fun today and I am soooooo happy you got a picture of those little boys! They were adorable, but mischievous! lol You seriously made it such a fun and exciting experience! Thanks again!

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