Paul and Christina- Waterford VA Wedding Photographer

“Hey pretty girl, lets build some dreams
and a house on a piece of land
we’ll plant some roots and some apple trees
hey pretty girl, lets build some dreams.”
– Kip Moore
What better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary than with a ‘day after’ portrait session?! :) Since we weren’t able to do engagement portraits before the wedding, Paul and Christina opted to save the session for later. Christina wanted to put her dress back on (what bride doesn’t?!) and we met up this past week at the most stunning home in Waterford for some updated portraits! I was in heaven with all of the different textures on all the buildings around the property! How cool are these old stables?!Christina was determined to hike out into the middle of this gorgeous field for portraits, and thankfully she married a wonderful, patient, cooperative man who came along as well :) it was quite the task getting in there, especially for her in a wedding gown, but you will soon see that it was TOTALLY worth it! :)LOVE! :)as you can see from this next image, there isn’t really a path to take and all of the grass is at LEAST waist high! but good gosh the light and the scenery was just perfect! another favorite! I could most definitely get used to shooting (or just living in general!) in a place like this :)she made a few new friends by the end of the session :)Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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