Mike and Carolyn – Northern VA Maternity Photographer

“you are the answer to all those midnight prayers
you’re mine to love.”
– Dave Barnes
One of the sweetest parts of this job of mine is getting to see the same families year after year and watch them grow. It’s only been about 8 months since I saw Carolyn, Mike, and Benjamin last for his first birthday portraits, but I could NOT believe how much Ben had grown when they got out of the car this time! and all of that gorgeous blonde hair! and most exciting of all, he is going to big a big brother in November!
Can’t believe it was almost two years ago that we did their first maternity session! and isn’t Carolyn the most stunning mama-to-be you’ve seen?! one of my favorites :) Ben is a boy on the GO these days!loooove that big smile :)such a handsome boy!ha! love this little series :) He was completely smitten with these sheep, and they were super sweet and would have cuddled right up to Ben if that darn fence wasn’t between them! I think that one closer to him caught him a little off guard when he turned his head and the sheep was riiiight there! Ben climbed up that gate all on his own and he was pretty darn proud of himself ;) Ben was loving all of the trucks, tractors, and the helicopter that kept flying above us during their session, and I have a feeling Carolyn and Mike spend a good chunk of their day just like this playing with all of Ben’s trucks :) my absolute favorite from their session :) Carolyn and Mike, I’m so thankful I get to document this next year for your family all over again, and I can’t wait to meet that sweet baby in just a couple months! :) Happy Monday!

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  1. Toni McSpadden says:

    Oh my goodness…Jessie these photos are amazing!!!!!
    Sitting here looking at them over and over crying “happy tears”…..

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