Meet Avery- Arlington VA Family Photographer

“Surely it is in the every day things around us that the beauty of life lies.”
– Laura Ingalls Wilder

Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner07This joyful little girl is Avery, and she’s pretty darn excited to tell you that she’s going to be a big sister next year! She’s already studying up for the job :) Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner05Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner10I absolutely LOVE when clients will allow me to photograph them in their homes, I can only imagine how many hours they spend reading together on this couch! Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner15From the moment I pulled up outside Avery ran up and greeted me with a big smile and a hug right away! She’s such a sweet girl!Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner17 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner18 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner21 eskimo kisses!Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner26 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner27 love that smile!Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner28 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner29 I asked Ruby before the session to tell me what their favorite things to do as a family are, and what things they most love about Avery now that they never want to forget. She explained that Avery LOVES to play ring-around-the-rosie with them, and that her daddy can always get her to smile by putting her up on his shoulders or playing the airplane game :) I know their family dynamic will change for the better next year when baby #2 comes along, but for now I love that we were able to document them as a family of 3, and how truly happy Avery looks in this next series :)Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner35 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner40 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner49 then we headed outside to catch the last little bit of sunshine for the evening!Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner51 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner52 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner56 such pretty ladies :)Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner57 LOVE her little belly sticking out!Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner62 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner67 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner74This was Avery’s first time playing patty-cake, safe to say she thought it was a pretty awesome new game! :)
Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner78 Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner79Arlington_VA_Family_Portraits_Burner84Thank you so much for inviting me into your home and sharing your girl with me! I can’t wait to see your family again and meet baby #2! :)

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