Cana: 1 Year! – Clifton VA Family Photographer

“You’re going to wish these days
hadn’t flown by so fast.”
-Trace AdkinsClifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner01bw The last time I saw Cana was for her 6 month portraits and she was just starting to sit up all by herself, and now she’s running all over the place! I can’t believe how much she’s grown in just 6 months, AND she just celebrated her very first birthday last week! :) Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner06 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner12 she is a girl on the GO!Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner17 and she’s pretty darn excited to be ONE! :)Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner23 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner28 she brought along her most favorite books to read!Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner30 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner35 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner39 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner42 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner44 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner47 my favorite from their session! love this! :) Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner49 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner52 although this one does come in at a VERY close 2nd favorite!Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner56 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner58 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner62 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner64 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner66 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner68 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner69Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Cana girl! :) Happy Friday!

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