Meet Kennedy Ann- Northern VA Newborn Photographer

“and the sound of your sweet voice
it’s better than all my dreams
oh everything
you mean everything
everything to me.”
– Ben Harper
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland02I had the privilege of photographing Brittany and Kenny’s engagement and wedding photos back in 2010, and I’m so thankful they continue to allow me to photograph their growing family :) The last time I had Riley in front of my camera she was about a week old for her newborn portraits, and now she’s a big sister!! Riley is absolutely 100% smitten with her baby sister and is SO attentive and loving towards her! I couldn’t get over how much Riley loved holding Kennedy, giving her kisses, and just being close to her. These two are already best buddies :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland05bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland08 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland12 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland15bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland18 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland19aaaaaaand MELT! hands down one of my favorite family portraits I’ve ever taken :) I knew this was a favorite from the moment I took it! Kenny is the BEST dad to these girls!Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland27 Brittany, I love how well you love your family. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mama! Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland30 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland37 another favorite :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland39bwdoesn’t she look so proud of herself?! :) she sat there and gave Kennedy her entire bottle! such a good big sister :)
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland47oooooh my goodness, Riley’s little puckered up lips in this next image are the cutest thing!
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland58 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland61 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland67 story time! and look at how Riley is looking at Kennedy! :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland68 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland75 such a pretty baby!Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland79 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland80 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland83 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland85 kisses all around! Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland87bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland94 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland95 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland103 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland109 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland110 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland111Thanks again for sharing your girls with me! Can’t wait to see you all again soon! :)

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  1. Grandma & Grandpa Moreland says:

    Jessie – Thank you for these incredible photos! You are blessed with such a great gift!

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