Scott and Brittany- Leesburg VA Wedding Photographer

“She’s the thrill of a lifetime
A guy like me spends his whole life looking for
that girl right there’s
the perfect storm.”
– Brad PaisleyNorthern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel01 Meet Brittany and Scott, one of my incredible 2015 couples! We explored Burke Lake Park and lucked out with some gorgeous fall colors and a beautiful evening! These two made my job SO darn easy, and by the end of the session Scott goes “Hey that was actually fun!”… ahh every photographers DREAM! :) Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel02 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel07 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel09 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel12 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel16 one of my faaaavorites!Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel21bw Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel23 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel25 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel26 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel37 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel42 Brittany was trying to teach Scott how to balance… perhaps not so successfully ;) Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel46 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel59 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel63 love how Scott’s looking at her in this one :)Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel65 goodness gracious Britt you are GORGEOUS! Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel71 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel74Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel79 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel84 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel86 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel94Can’t wait to celebrate with you both next July!! Happy Tuesday! :)

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  1. Patricia Siegel says:

    The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures!!

  2. Heather says:

    Love them!!! Absolutely love them!

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