Sarah: 7 Months – Alexandria VA Family Photographer

“may you always have plenty
your glass never empty
and know in your belly
you’re never alone”
– Lady Antebellum
Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress01 Okay so these are technically more family portraits than just focusing on Sarah and the fact that she has changed SO MUCH since the last time I saw her for newborn portraits!! Look at those sweet cheeks! Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress05 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress08 such a happy baby!Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress13 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress14 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress15 snuggles for baby sister :)Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress21 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress25 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress27 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress31 Mr. Ben is a boy on the GO! Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress32 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress36 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress38whew holding up those big cheeks must be hard work! good thing she’s got a big brother who will let her rest them on his shoulder ;)
Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress48 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress51 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress55 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress56 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress59 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress68

Thanks again for having me over for the afternoon! It was so great to see you all! :) Happy Thursday!

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