2014 Holiday Mini Sessions: Part 1! – Northern VA Holiday Mini Sessions

The first round is HERE!! We had 23 families come out this year for holiday mini sessions over two days and WHEW it was a whirlwind! Once again, thanks to my wonderful friends and their help, the day flowed incredibly smooth and couldn’t have gone better! I LOVED seeing so many of the same families that were here last year, it’s so sweet to see how much their babies have changed over this past year! Make sure you go back HERE and HERE to see the posts from last year, and you will recognize some familiar faces in these next three posts :)

A few BIG thank you’s to give out right away! First and foremost, to my dear friend and partner in both crime and creativity, Katie! She was the one who talked me into doing these again this year, only because she agreed to help design the set and it’s safe to say she completely outdid herself this year! I had SO many people comment on how incredible the set was this year, which is all thanks to Katie bringing some sense and organization to my scattered ideas. She was the voice of reason, the eye of creativity, and the one to help me pull EVERYthing together! So all of you sweet clients who have sent me thank you emails already, a big portion of that goes to Katie too! :)

Thank you to my wonderful friends Bailey, Anna, and Julie for welcoming all of my clients when they arrived, dancing around and being silly to help get those gorgeous natural smiles out of your children during the session, and just helping the day flow that much smoother!

Thank you to Phil for building the christmas tree stand that all of the children loved, and for creating by far the cutest part of the set! Thank you for making that vision come to life!

Thank you Dave for loaning us Bart the Truck for the day, the envy of every husband who showed up for mini sessions! ;) Bart was absolutely the perfect “wow” factor, and thank you for letting all of these little ones love Bart for the weekend!

Thank you to my mama for making all of the yummy snacks this year, I’m convinced having a big batch of homemade cookies makes all the difference :) and a big thank you to the Von Kahle family for hosting us again this year and letting me take over your home for the weekend!

WHEW! now are you ready for some fun photos?!? I’ll be sharing the photos over three blog posts, so here is the first round! Happy viewing, friends!
Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session03 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session05 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session09Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session13 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session20bw sweet snuggles!Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session24 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session29 James and Liz are getting ready to celebrate TEN years! :) Happy Anniversary! Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session35 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session36 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session41 and this handsome man was TOO excited about Bart the Truck! :)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session42 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session43 let it snow!!Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session52 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session58 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session60 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session65 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session70 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session73 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session76 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session79 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session83 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session86 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session88 I think more than a few of the little friends that came out for mini sessions were more excited about the candy canes than the christmas trees ;) Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session92 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session97 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session100 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session105 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session109 love that little smile for his mama :)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session111 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session116 yup, i’d buy a christmas tree from Simon! ;) Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session119 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session122 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session129 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session131Stay tuned for part TWO coming tomorrow!! :)

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