2014 Holiday Mini Sessions: Part 2 – Northern VA Holiday Mini Session

Are you ready for part TWO?!? We had nine families come out back to back on Saturday afternoon and it was so fun to see all of the kids SO excited to play with the set! We always try and make it really kid friendly so they’re excited to play and have fun, and you should have seen all their little faces light up when they saw Bart the Truck! :) They LOVED climbing in the truck, riding on the sled, and throwing handfuls of snow on their siblings ;) I’ve got one more post to share tomorrow, but enjoy lots of favorites from all of the Saturday afternoon sessions! Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session139 You know this little lady very well by now :) how adorable is Cedar Belle in her christmas tutu?!? Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session159 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session161I’m can’t be 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure that smile says ‘climb in! lets drive down to see Mickey again! i’m drivin’!” ;)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session176 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session188 Lucy and Courtney came out for mini sessions last year right before their gorgeous wedding, and I loved getting to do a few 1st anniversary photos for them this year!! Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session191 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session194 make sure you go back and see their photos from mini sessions last year :)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session202 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session207 LOVE this one! :)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session209 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session217 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session220 Olivia was a BIG fan of that candy cane ;)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session223 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session227 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session229 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session236 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session238 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session240 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session249 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session252So excited about these next ones! Dan and Allie are getting married next 4th of July, so we snuck in a few photos for their save the dates as well!! Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session257 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session262 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session274 LOVE these next 4 so much that I couldn’t narrow it down any more :)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session277 don’t they have the most gorgeous smiles?!Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session286bw Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session292 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session297 secrets secrets! :) it was too cute, we asked her to tell him a secret and she whispers (just loud enough) “this is FUN!!” :)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session298 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session306 aaah yes, and the snow! the kids had so much fun with the snow! Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session310 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session312 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session317 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session318 safe to say both Mason and Paisley are pretty excited about those christmas trees.. or maybe it was the promise of a candy cane afterwards ;) Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session324 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session327 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session330 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session337 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session340 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session343 I love how much Connor adores his baby sister :) Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session347 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session349 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session353 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session354 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session358 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session361 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session366I’ve got one more post coming for you tomorrow with all of the Sunday afternoon sessions! Stay tuned! :)

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