2014 Holiday Mini Sessions: Part 3- Northern VA Holiday Mini Sessions

Here’s the third and final post of mini session photos for this year! This is the ONE time during the year that I offer mini sessions, and we go all out for it! I loved seeing so many familiar faces there! Out of 23 families, 16 were ones that have been in front of my camera before. Those of you who know me know that I pride myself on being able to take time to get to KNOW my clients during the session, and that just doesn’t happen when you’re limited to 20 minutes, so it’s so helpful when I already KNOW the families well. When we do a standard portrait session I’m able to get a TON of variety for my clients, individual photos of the kids, some of the parents together.. things like that! Mini sessions function veeeery differently! My goal for these mini sessions is to be able to give my clients a really fun experience and a couple great holiday photos for gifts and christmas cards along with it! Safe to say, mission accomplished! :)

Thank you SO much to all of the 23 families and dear friends who helped make this day possible! Enjoy the last blog post full of all the families we saw on Sunday afternoon! Happy viewing, friends! Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session369 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session373 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session377 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session379 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session384 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session389 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session391 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session393 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session396 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session399 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session405 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session407 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session411 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session416 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session419 Last year Kellie and Micah came to do a few photos to announce they were expecting… and look how much has changed in one year!! Meet Eli! :)Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session421 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session425 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session429 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session436 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session441 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session443 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session451 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session453 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session455 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session458 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session463 love that mischievous little grin ;) Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session467 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session470 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session474 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session475 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session480 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session485 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session487 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session491 Northern_VA_Holiday_Mini_Session494and that’s a wrap!! see you all again next year! ;)

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