Meet Eyoel and Ezra- Northern VA Family Photographer

“If you want your work to have a lasting impact on the world, define yourself with gratitude. Be thankful over the laundry. Be thankful when you find yourself nursing a baby in a carload of hungry children… Give thanks for the sticky juice rings on the counter. Give thanks for the milk spill, the stomach virus, for the pants that are too tight after that last baby.”
– r. jankovicNorthern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash02 This handsome little boy is Ezra, and his smile is absolutely contagious :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash05Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash08 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash11 Eyoel is the best big brother, he’s so sweet and patient with Ezra!Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash15 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash17 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash23 love that one on the left :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash24 one of my favorites! :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash28 such handsome little boys!Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash31 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash38 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash40 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash45 love this one! Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash47 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash48 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash54 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash58 look at that sweet little profile on the left!Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash62 Northern_VA_Photographer_Asmellash64

Thanks for letting me come with you to the park for the afternoon! Can’t wait to see you all again next year :) Happy Tuesday!

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