Meet Kian and Raina- Arlington VA Family Photographer

“There’s no place like home.”
– L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of OzNorthern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal05I have been so excited to meet these two little ones since this summer when I got to photograph their family maternity portraits! Kian and Raina are the perfect additions to their family :) Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal06aren’t they the cutest?!? love those little smiles!Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal11and Maya is the sweetest big sister!! You can tell right away how smitten she is with her brother and sister :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal14love those little dimples!Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal17Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal21Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal23Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal26Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal33Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal35Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal39Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal48bwNorthern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal50Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal51Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal54Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal60this just might be my favorite portrait of the 5 of them ;) I asked Maya how old she was and she VERY enthusiastically told me she was THREE!! :) Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal62Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal64Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal66Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal72As I took a few of just Pratibha and Vikram at the end she said “remember when it was just the two of us for that very first session?!” :) and while photos might have been a little less chaotic before babies, I think these three beautiful kids make for a great addition to their family portraits :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal75

Thanks again for sharing your babies with me for the past three years!! Can’t wait to see you all again! :) Happy Wednesday!

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