Andrew and Rachel- Reston VA Wedding Photographer

“He loved her of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing.”
– Shernam AlexieReston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy02Andrew and Rachel are one of my fabulous couples getting married in 2015! They had their first date over at Reston Town Center, so it seemed appropriate to head over there for their engagement session too :)Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy04Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy07Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy10one of my favorites!Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy13Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy15Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy17I was loving all of the christmas lights on all the trees! Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy23Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy25Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy30their favorite spot, and where they had their first date! :)Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy33it was freeeeezing the day of their session, but it didn’t seem to phase these two! We jumped into Cosi for a cup of tea to warm up anyway :)Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy43Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy46Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy48Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy52Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy54Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy61Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy63and I’ll end with a few more favorites.. love the red, the big christmas tree, and all the lights behind them!Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy67Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy71Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy72

Happy Monday! and Happy DECEMBER?!? so crazy! hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

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  2. Laura says:

    Absolutely lovely…..

  3. Karen Dimock says:

    Beautiful pictures…You guys make a terrific couple!

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