Meet Harrison- Northern VA Newborn Photographer

“and I don’t see how you could ever be
anything but mine.”
-Kenny Chesney
Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver01 I’ve been excited to meet Harrison for a few months now, and I KNOW Nicole and Mike feel the same way ;) they were very ready to meet their little man! Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver03 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver05 he looks like he’s plotting his plan to take over ;) Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver10 Harrison was dishing out so many little smile! Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver12 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver14 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver16 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver21 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver22 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver23 GAH! my favorite :) look at that smile!! Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver25 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver27 that look on the right is Harrison saying “hey lady, i don’t know how you do things in your house, but this is NOT how we do nap time in this house!” :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver31 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver32 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver39 future hokie?? :) Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver52 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver58 the cutest little Santa you’ve ever seen :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver59 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver61 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver67

Can’t wait to see you all again in just a few months! :) Happy Wednesday!

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