Dave and Julie- Arlington VA Maternity Photographer

“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.”
– E.B. White, Charlotte’s WebArlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters01 What do you do when your session gets rained out? you improvise! I don’t think I could love these photos any more even if they were taken on the most gorgeous sunny afternoon. There’s something SO special to me about being able to photograph a family in their home that I will never get tired of! We were even able to put the finishing touches on their christmas tree!Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters05 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters08 Lily is usually the Candyland champ, but this time Dave lucked out and made it to the candy castle before either of his girls ;)Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters13 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters14 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters18 one of my favorites :)Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters19 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters21 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters22 safe to say Lily is going to be the BEST big sister!Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters28 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters32 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters39 I know these next two might be a little different than my usual bright style, but I love them just as much! Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters43 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters46 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters49 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters52 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters57Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters58 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters59 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters61 Does your cat let you use it as a pillow? no? just Lily’s? :) Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters66 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters68 Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters70 and i’ll end with one more favorite! Arlington_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Waters71Can’t wait to see you again in just a few weeks for newborn portraits! :) Happy Monday!

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