Meet Aidan- Alexandria VA Newborn Photographer

“Sweet dreams til sunbeams find you
sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
but in your dreams whatever they be
dream a little dream of me.”
– Ella Fitzgerald
Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale01 This handsome little man was apparently having some GREAT dreams during his session :) he was all smiles!Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale05 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale07 check out those dimples! too cute!Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale09 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale10 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale13 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale15 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale19 how sweet is Aidan’s bassinet? he looks so tiny in it.. for now anyway! :)Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale22 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale24 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale26 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale28 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale29 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale32 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale36 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale37 Aidan’s grandma made that quilt hanging on the wall behind him! and i’m so glad we were able to work it into his newborn photos :) Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale44 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale46 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale59 Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale64 quite possibly the biggest newborn smile I’ve ever seen! :)Alexandria_Newborn_Photographer_Evale65Colleen, thanks again for welcoming me into your home and sharing your sweet boy with me! Hope to see you all again soon!

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  2. Betty McIntyre says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful happy boy.

  3. Jen Agnitsch says:

    Love, LOVE, Love the pictures! Enjoy every moment!

  4. Pat O'Brien says:

    These pictures capture the love of a mother and son together. Pure happiness!!! Pat O’Brien

  5. Laura Favret says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Aiden looks so happy and mom does too :)

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