2014 Behind the Scenes!

ooooh goodness, are you ready for a fun one?! today i’ve got a… ahem… behind the scenes look at what really goes into a wedding day :) after looking through tons of photos from this year I’ve concluded that apparently it’s a lot of me looking ridiculous, but thankfully these couples still love me anyway ;)

STEP ONE: we start the day with ties, bustles, and boutonnières… oh my! 1Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_JonesBTC20141040 oh and rings! there are always pretty rings to photograph :)2bMeadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_JonesBTC20141038 it’s not uncommon for me to be the one helping with the dress or pinning the boutonnières… when you see them every weekend you become sort of an expert! I tell my couples that things like fitting veils or pinning bouts is just alllllll part of the job!2International_Country_Club_Wedding_2014BTS0002 3International_Country_Club_Wedding_2014BTS0004 4Westfield_Marriott_Wedding_Mendel0108 5Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_RobinsonBTC20140002 and LOS of attention to dress details! i’m a pro at getting the train to lay juuuuust right for photos :)6Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_RobinsonBTC20140012 one of my favorite behind the scenes moments from this year… how many people does it take to fix a dress? goooo teamwork! 7River_Creek_Club_Wedding_Campbell505-1STEP TWO: then once we get everyone dressed and ready to go, it’s usually onto the first look and bride&groom portraits! my favorite part of the day! Jonathan is now an expert “veil fluffer” after Emily and Andrews wedding :)8BTC2014_Westfield_Marriott_Wedding_Mendel0978 remember that whole “me looking ridiculous” concept…. yep. 8Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_2014BTS0009oooh lordy. I think I was giving Bill and Krista instructions on which direction he should dip her… thankfully they paid super close attention and the photo was a SUCCESS!
9Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_2014BTS0010We do whatEVER it takes to get the perfect shot… including climbing in a tree! I turned around looking for Sarah and couldn’t find her anywhere… I didn’t even think to look IN the tree :)
Thomas_Birkby_House_Wedding_Reider_BTC20140772I’m pretty sure for the majority of the photos in this post I was just getting in Joseph’s shot more often than not, thankfully he’s a good sport and always manages to work around me getting in his way :) (sidenote: when I look through the behind the scenes images I always have a serious Hermione Granger moment of “is that REALLY what my hair looks like from the back?!”)10Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_2014BTS0013 STEP THREE: gather the wedding party!! man oh man did we have some INCREDIBLE wedding parties this year! these guys were all tons of fun! 11Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_RobinsonBTC20140009 12Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_RobinsonBTC20140011 13BTC2014_Westfield_Marriott_Wedding_Mendel0976 14Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_2014BTS0001 I thought the guys were just waiting for their turn, but I spin around to see Joseph had them all lined up for extra portraits! he gets bonus points for wrangling a group of rowdy gentlemen ;) 15Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_2014BTS000316Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_2014BTS0002 STEP FOUR: time to get married! it’s important to check your lighting before the ceremony starts… and if you’re lucky, your 2nd shooter will assume THIS position. cause clearly, this is how people stand during the ceremony. i made him promise he’d stand JUST like this on his wedding day :) 17River_Creek_Club_Wedding_BTC2014_783 about 2 seconds after this was taken we were all in perfect position for me to shoot Kathleen and her dad, and for Joseph to get a stunning shot of the two of them from the back of the church and of Tielor as his bride walked toward him…. buuuut just before that, it looked like Joseph was gonna walk down the aisle with her too! :)18Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_RobinsonBTC20140003photo of the groomsmen… CHECK. photo of the bridesmaids… CHECK. photo of the photographer chillin in between the two groups… check :)18Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_RobinsonBTC20140005Ceremony in the rain? no big deal! who needs an umbrella anyway?!Thomas_Birkby_House_Wedding_Reider_BTC20140773I don’t know about you, but iiiiii think the guy behind Jonathan is saying “well if the photographer can stand up during the ceremony, then SO CAN I!” 19River_Creek_Club_Wedding_BTC2014_785 ya know, just doin’ what i do :) takin’ photos and gettin’ in Joseph’s shot…20Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_JonesBTC20141045 the look of determination!21River_Creek_Club_Wedding_BTC2014_786 aaand the look of being run over! :)22The-Barns-at-Wolf-Trap-Wedding_BTC2014_0002and if you plan it right (ooor it happens by TOTAL accident!), you’ll end up photobombing the most popular instagram post from the wedding! 33Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Thomas06031STEP FIVE: a few more portraits before the reception! but now that we’ve got tons of guests wanting to come congratulate the bride&groom, my 2nd shooters have strict instructions to keep guests away until after portraits are done (once guests start talking to the couple, there’s a never ending line!) this is the look that says Katie is prepared to elbow any of those people who tried to get in my shot ;) 23Fairview_Farm_Wedding_BTC2014_02 I affectionally refer to this wedding as “the one where Katie climbed on things.” i swear every time I turned around it seemed she had found something new to stand on to get at a higher vantage point! 24Fairview_Farm_Wedding_BTC2014_03 I don’t even remember what she found to stand on here, all i remember is turning around and her being 2 feet taller! 25Fairview_Farm_Wedding_BTC2014_01 STEP SIX: PARTY TIME! now it’s time for the reception! During cocktail hour you gotta make sure that your external flash is exactly where you want it, which requires your 2nd shooter to stand in for a minute… and ya know, just incase he wanted to kill two birds with one stone and practice his first dance moves at the same time :)26BTC2014_Westfield_Marriott_Wedding_Mendel0980 26The-Barns-at-Wolf-Trap-Wedding_BTC2014_0004if you’ve gotta stand in to test the lighting, might as well do it with style! :)
27Fairview_Farm_Wedding_BTC2014_05and then there are these two who take the cake cutting WAY too seriously ;)29BTC2014_Westfield_Marriott_Wedding_Mendel0982 28Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_RobinsonBTC20140014 hopefully none of their guests judged me for the crazy rain soaked frizzy mess of hair that was happening… good thing my hair style doesn’t affect photo quality ;)30Fairview_Farm_Wedding_BTC2014_08this is what i look like getting caught half way through my Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” dance party :) no shame, folks. NO. SHAME. 31The-Barns-at-Wolf-Trap-Wedding_BTC2014_0003 STEP SEVEN: grab one more quick portrait with the wonderful couple! Katie was all kinds of ready for this last picture! :) 32The-Barns-at-Wolf-Trap-Wedding_BTC2014_0006 These last images are by FAR some of my favorite photos of the year! I made it a point to grab a shot with each of the couples toward the end of the reception, and i’m so very thankful for these people and how they’ve all let me into their lives over this past year! and a HUGE thank you to Joseph, Jonathan, Sarah, and Katie for helping me take such great care of my couples this year! I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with, you guys are the best of the best :) 34Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Thomas0997 35International_Country_Club_Wedding_Miller0914 36Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Jones1037 37Belmont_Country_Club_Wedding_Robinson1031 38Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Bluemont_VA_Mattina0965 39Westfield_Marriott_Wedding_Mendel0971 40River_Creek_Club_Wedding_Campbell781 41The-Barns-at-Wolf-Trap-Wedding_Damon790 42Thomas_Birkby_House_Wedding_Reider076743Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson881 Each one of you lovely ladies holds a VERY special place in my heart. Thank you for helping make this year one of the best yet! I adore each of you!! 2014brides

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