Joshua: 6 Months – Leesburg VA Family Photographer

“many of the most deeply spiritual moments of my life haven’t happened just in my mind or in my soul. they happened while holding my son in the middle of the night, or watching the water break along the shore, or around my table, watching the people I love feel nourished in all sorts of ways.”
– Shauna NiequistLeesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow06 Can you believe Joshua is already 6 months old?! The last time I saw him was for his newborn portraits, and earlier this week he came over so we could take some updated family photos! I’ve said it before and I think this post will prove it again, 6-8 months old is my absolute FAVORITE age to photograph! I love how smiley, expressive, curious, and engaging they are at this age! Joshua is just the happiest baby, and Jillian is SO smitten with her baby brother.. a perfect combo :) Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow10 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow14 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow17Nobody could make Joshua laugh as hard as his big sister could, and it seemed like everytime he would give a BIG belly laugh he would cover his mouth just like this :)
Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow18 oh hey, buddy! Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow22isn’t he the sweetest?!
Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow24 BELLY! Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow25 again with that belly laugh for Jillian.. he couldn’t even hold himself up when he really started laughing!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow28 oooh these two, they make quite a pair :) I LOVE how much she adores her baby brother!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow32 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow34 Jillian is ALL about ‘family hugs’, I think she would spend all day right here if she could !Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow38 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow44 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow47 these quiet, sweet snuggles with her mama didn’t last for more than a few seconds, but man they sure are cute while they last!! Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow48 such a happy boy!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow52 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow55 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow59 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow62 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow65 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow67 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow69 every mama needs a picture with her babies:Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow72 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow75 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow77 Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Tamillow78Thanks again for coming over for the afternoon! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! :) Happy Wednesday!

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  1. evelyn says:

    I’ve never seen a baby smile so much! Dani your family is beautiful! Great job as always jess!

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