Chris and Mary Clare- Old Town Alexandria Engagement Portraits

“every single broken heart will lead you to the truth
you think you know what you’re looking for
til’ what you’re looking for finds you
in a cold world, it’s a warm place
where you know that you’re supposed to be
a million moments full of sweet relief
when the right one comes along.”
– Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher01 I’ve said it before and I will always maintain that I truly have the very best clients in the world. Last week Mary Clare and Chris braved the ridiculously cold weather to walk around Old Town Alexandria, where their story began, and thankfully they allowed me and my camera to tag along. I’m pretty sure everyones fingers were numb by the end of it, but I’m also sure that a smile never once left their faces. I even had that “mission accomplished!” moment when halfway through they said “this is so much FUN!” which is truly one of the best things I can hear from a couple! it SHOULD be fun! if I can allow a couple to really reconnect, laugh, and dream about their lives together.. well that sounds like a pretty great way to spend an hour or two, if you ask me :) Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher02 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher03 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher06 you guys. it was COLD for their session! you see that SNOW on the ground?! you’d never know it by looking at them though, they’re troopers :) Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher20 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher21 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher22 one of my favorites :) Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher27 couples that laugh a lot together are my faaaavorite :)Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher28 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher29 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher37 you two are alllll kinds of cute :)Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher38 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher40 doesn’t Mary Clare have THE most gorgeous smile?!Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher45 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher50 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher51 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher58 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher64 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher68 there was still a little bit of christmas joy around town, so we took advantage :)Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher69 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher71 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher78 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher82 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher85 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher89 the place where it all started :) Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher94 Old-Town-Alexandria-Engagement-Portraits-Boucher98Chris and Mary Clare, I adore you both :) can’t WAIT to celebrate with you this August!!

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