Scarlett: 4 Months – Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

“how long will I love you?
as long as stars are above you
and longer, if I can.”
– Ellie Goulding
Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee01Remember this sweet baby and her kissable cheeks from her newborn session? :) Scarlett came over last weekend for her 4 month (technically she had JUST turned 5 months!) portraits! It doesn’t get better than chubby cheeks, precious smiles, and baby belly rolls! :) Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee06those cheeks are haaaard to resist ;) Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee09Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee14somebody was just a liiiittle fascinated with the camera ;) she couldn’t look away!Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee17just having a little chat with her daddy :)Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee18Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee21Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee22Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee23love this one of Katherine and her girl :)Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee26Scarlett’s face in this next one is THE best :) Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee27Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee30Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee31such a sweet girl!! Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee33apparently this is miss Scarlett’s favorite position, two fingers in the mouth!Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee37Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee39toes!!Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee41I adore her precious smile. I adore that little bow. I adore her chubby cheeks. I adore her sweet spirit. but GOODNess gracious her little elbow dimple just might take the cake ;) Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee45Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee47Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee49Since Scarlett technically was 4 months right around Christmas, and we just couldn’t let this little elf outfit go to waste ;) Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee57Leesburg-VA-Baby-Photographer-Lee64Happy Friday! :)

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