Meet Elizabeth Anne- Centreville VA Newborn Photographer

“it’s a big deal to have a baby. after you have a baby, you are left with a softly pooched out tummy and aching nether-regions, sore breasts and your entire heart now laying beside you making noises like a kitten. you are weepy and exhausted, gloriously alive and powerful. you are a life-giver and so now you want both a nap and a hearty roast beef dinner for your troubles. your skin is criss-crossed with stretch marks because you don’t participate in co-creation with God without being marked by the experience. you became a mother…”
– sarah besseyNorthern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme01the last time I saw Gabe and Eli was back in 2013 when we spent the afternoon playing at the park. last week they added a sweet baby sister to their family, miss Elizabeth Anne! they didn’t know if they were expecting a brother or sister, but two days before her birthday Gabe had a dream that the baby was a GIRL, and sure enough now here she is!
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme02 I walked in the door and could not believe how much the boys have changed in just two short years! this little boy was just a toddler last time I saw him! Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme05 love this portrait of these two best buddies:Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme06 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme09 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme13b Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme14bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme17 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme19 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme25 Elizabeth is already crazy about her big brothers :) as soon as they came close she reached right for them! Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme27 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme28meredith asked for a few photos of her and elizabeth nursing, and these are some of my favorites from the session. i can only imagine the amount of time each day that they spend in this very position, and i think it’s so sweet when we’re able to document that in a beautiful way:
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme35 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme36 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme42yep that looks about right to me! quite possibly my favorite photo of the 5 of them ;) Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme45bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme53 how precious is she?! i bet meredith was so excited to walk into the girls clothing section and be able to pick up some pink after all these years! :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme54 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme56 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme58 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme60 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme62 if you couldn’t already tell, I was absolutely smitten with elizabeth’s sweet strawberry blonde wispy curls! she had this one curl that formed a perfect little mohawk right in the middle :) Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme66 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme67i am ALL ABOUT letting your kids be themselves during our session. i want the images to always feel true to my clients, and i want to incorporate the things that their days are filled with. as soon as we finished a few family portraits the boys immediately found some of their old halloween costumes, and i thought it represented this stage so perfectly :)
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme71 i knew this would be a favorite from the moment i took it. the boys are completely obsessed with dinosaurs; i mean i learned more about dinosaurs from Gabe and Eli in the 3 hours i was at their house than i ever have before! Eli was rocking his dino costume, and as soon as he gave me this look with those big brown eyes my heart melted! Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme73dinos have to behave themselves, otherwise the police officer will be quick to handcuff them and send ’em to jail! ;)
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme75bwagain with those wispy curls… i couldn’t get enough!
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme78 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme80 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme83 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme86 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme92 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme97 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme102 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme108 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Piemme110thanks again for having me over for the morning! can’t wait to see you all again soon! happy friday! :)

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  1. Meredith says:

    Oh Jessie, we LOVE these! Thank you so much for capturing so many special moments for our family.

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