Piper: 4 Months – Washington DC Family Photographer

“… happiness is a warm puppy. happiness is finding somebody you like at the front door. happiness is a smooth sidewalk. happiness is eating out. happiness is mellow. happiness is being able to reach the doorknob. happiness is anyone and anything that’s loved by you…”
– charles schulzWashington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones04Can you believe this little lady is already 4 months?!
Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones06 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones12 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones14 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones16 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones20 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones27 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones29 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones30 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones34 lets be honest, I think they both preferred this arrangement to the one right above it ;) Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones35 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones39 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones42 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones48 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones50 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones51 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones55 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones56 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones58 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones63 look at those two little teeth getting ready to pop through! :)Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones68 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones71 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones75 Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Jones78

Happy Wednesday! :)

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