Barrett: One Year- Purcellville VA Family Photographer

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy very, very much – even more than she loved herself.”
– Shel Silverstein, The Giving TreeLeesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge01 This handsome little man had the best morning ever playing with a crib full of balloons, reading dozens of books, and having his mama and daddy all to himself :) Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge02 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge07 look at those precious little teeth! he’s the cutest :)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge08 his crib may or may not have a few little teeth marks permanently etched in it… ;) Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge09 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge11 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge14 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge16 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge18 Barrett is a pro at climbing steps these days, one of his favorite activities! Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge21 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge23 and he’s off! :)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge29 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge30 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge32 how many hours each week do you think they spend chasing this ball (and their boys) down the hall? :)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge34 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge36 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge37 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge42 Barrett just couldn’t decide which book to read… so we read them ALL! Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge45 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge48 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge50oh my goodness he absolutely loved his birthday hat! it was the cutest thing! Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge54 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge58 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge59 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge63 Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Elledge69Happy First Birthday, Barrett! :) You can go back and see his 8 month session HERE!

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