Meet Landon – Northern VA Newborn Photographer

“Fairies have to be one thing or the other, because being so small they unfortunately have room for one feeling only at a time. ”
– J.M. Barrie, Peter PanNorthern_VA_Photographer_Burner01 Remember miss Avery from their family portrait session last fall? Well these days she has been promoted to a new role of BIG SISTER!  Thankfully I was invited back over to take Landon’s newborn portraits, and I got to spend the first few minutes there with Avery while Landon finished his breakfast :) Look how proud she is after lining up all her little friends! This one is definitely one of my favorites of her!Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner02 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner05 She was completely smitten with her new baby brother! Avery was SO sweet to him, so gentle and quick to dish out snuggles and kisses :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner07 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner11 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner13 “Oh hi, Baby Landon!” Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner16 just checking each other out :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner17 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner20 she was SO very excited (and just a little cautious..) about holding her baby:Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner23 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner30 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner33 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner36 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner40 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner43 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner46 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner48 see that little smirk on Landon’s face? :) Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner49 another favorite for sure:Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner51 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner53 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner56 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner57 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner61 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner64 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner67 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner71 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner72 Northern_VA_Photographer_Burner77Thanks again for having me over and sharing your sweet kiddos with me for the morning! Can’t wait to see you all again soon! :)

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