Harrison: 4 Months – Northern VA Portrait Photographer

“may you grow up to be righteous
may you grow up to be true
may you always know the truth
and see the lights surrounding you
may you always be courageous
stand upright and be strong
and may you stay forever young”
-Bob Dylan
Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver01 Look how much this handsome blue eyed boy has grown since his newborn session! He was showing me all of his most favorite things when I came over for his four month portrait session last week :)Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver03oh ya know, just a little light reading to start with.. Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver04 his swing is his favorite spot in the world… can ya tell? ;) Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver10 loooove those baby toes!Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver11 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver14Harrison is the most expressive kid! love that scrunchy nose smile :)Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver15 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver18 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver22 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver25 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver29 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver31Harrison’s pants might have been a liiiiiiiittle too big on him..
Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver33 and just slipped right off ;) Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver36 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver40 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver44 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver45 one of my favorites! love his sweet smile :)Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver55 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver59 i could have photographed this boy all day long!Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver61 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver64 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver67 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver69bw Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver74 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver79 Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Oliver82Thanks for having me over for the afternoon! Can’t wait to see you guys again in a few months! :)

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