The School Sessions- Raising $200,000 for Haiti!

A few months ago I got a message from Jamie Delaine explaining this incredible idea she and her husband Randy had developed, where the entire photography community would come together across the globe to raise $200,000 to rebuild a school in Haiti! Currently there are over 500 photographers signed up to participate in The School Sessions! Each one has agreed to photograph a session on or around April 12th, with absolutely 100% of the session fee going directly to help build this school! This project will raise enough to buy land and build a ten-classroom school for 220 students in Mellier, Haiti. Their previous building was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake and these children (ages 3-16) are in desperate need of an earthquake and hurricane-proof school to learn and grow. You can check out The School Sessions website HERE for more information about the project and E.C.C.A School! There are also a few videos on that site where you can get a closer look at the school and what they’re working to accomplish!
Images-TheSchoolSessions01 Images-TheSchoolSessions03 Images-TheSchoolSessions04 I’m so excited to get to participate! I’ve been trying to think of something fun to offer instead of just donating just one session. One kind of session that I don’t get to photograph NEARLY as often as I’d like are ANNIVERSARY sessions! SO often when I show up to family portraits, the mom makes a special request for a photo of her and her husband, quickly followed by “we just haven’t had ANY pictures taken of JUST US since the wedding!” Once kids come along, portrait sessions are typically centered around them! So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do something fun and give a few married couples out there some updated portraits with the love of their life! Now, I never (ever) offer mini sessions except for that one weekend around Christmas, BUT just this once I’m offering an evening of mini sessions only designated to anniversary/beloved portrait sessions!!

WHEN: Saturday April 11th, 2015, 5:00-7:00PM
WHERE: Leesburg, VA
WHAT: a 20 minute mini session for you and the love of your life! (sorry, no little ones allowed on this date night!)
You will receive 15-20 edited high resolution files in an online gallery for viewing, downloading, and printing!
COST: $175 – 100% of the cost going right to The School Sessions!

There are only SIX sessions available from 5:00-7:00 on that Saturday night, so grab a baby sitter and use this as a great excuse for a date night out! :) Email me ASAP for more information and to reserve your time slot now!! Thank you so much for making a difference and contributing to this incredible project!
Images-TheSchoolSessions06 Images-TheSchoolSessions07 Images-TheSchoolSessions10Feel free to email me with any questions about how you can get involved, or to reserve one of these time slots ASAP! :)

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