Matt and Allison- Washington DC Maternity Portraits

“for as long as I live
there will always be a place you belong
here beside me.”
-Andy Griggs
National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson02Allison and Matt are just a couple months away from meeting their sweet girl, and we celebrated with some updated family portraits at the gorgeous National Cathedral Gardens in DC! We were up briiiiight and early on that Saturday morning so we practically had the place all to ourselves :)National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson04National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson05National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson06National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson07National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson10National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson11I think I could have done the entire session in this one spot! I love all the color and different textures!National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson12National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson16one of my favorites :)National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson17doesn’t Allison have the most perfect little bump? LOVE that shot on the left especially! :)National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson24National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson26National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson35National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson40National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson43National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson53National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson54National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson56National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson57National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson61National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson64National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson65National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson71National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson79and I’ll end with one last favorite!National_Cathedral_Gardens_Portraits_Nicholson82Congratulations again to you both! Can’t wait to meet that sweet girl of yours in just a few short months! :)

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  2. Daddyo says:

    Great shots! I’m sure she’ll get fantastic photos of the new arrival. Can’t wait!

  3. Allison Nicholson says:

    YAY! Thank you so much Jessie. We love them, and can’t wait to see more :)

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