Aidan: 4 Months – Alexandria VA Family Photographer

“From the moment I first saw you
the second that you were born
I knew that you were the love of my life
Simply the love of my life.”
-Carly Simon
Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour01can you believe this handsome little guy is already four months old?! I got to see him last week for some updated portraits, and the timing was perfect because he was getting ready to be baptized that weekend! this baptism gown has been worn by all the babies in their family, so there was a special request for a couple photos to document Aidan wearing it too:Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour03Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour04Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour13Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour16this boy is a big fan of his books already!Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour23love those dimples!!Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour24Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour30Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour32you can tell that Aidan has the most special bond with his grandma already. this just might be my favorite portrait from their session :)Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour38bwAlexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour39love his little hand up by her cheek!Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour42bwAlexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour44Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour49bwAlexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour54Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour57Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_EvaleFour64Happy Wednesday! :)

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